Delivering your message to your audience—with impact and value

Today’s Out-Of-Home advertising industry (OOH) may not be what you think it is. Over the past several years, OOH has been putting innovation to work in all parts of its business, helping advertisers take their message further. Today’s OOH features the impact of traditional outdoor bulletins and posters, combined with the relevance and dynamic aspects of digital media—surrounding and immersing consumers during the 70 percent of the day they spend away from home.

In an age of ever-increasing media fragmentation, OOH is more relevant and more powerful than ever. OOH reaches people no matter how they consume their media, making them stop, notice, and buy. No other advertising format is more ever-present, or more creatively versatile.

When OOH is combined with other advertising in an integrated media plan, it is proven to extend reach, amplify a campaign, and drive consumers to engage with brands online and in-store. Maybe this is why OOH is one of the fastest-growing advertising media around.

If you haven’t considered Out-Of-Home lately, take another look at today’s OOH. You may be surprised by what you see.

Public service

The OOH advertising industry regularly provides free advertising space for charitable causes, a practice dating back to the early 1900s. The industry donates more than $450 million each year to local and national non-profit groups that can’t afford paid advertising.
Most local OOH advertising companies have policies and procedures pertaining to the acceptance of a charitable organization’s public service advertisement (PSA). Usually an organization must be non-profit and not paying for advertising in another medium. OOH companies donate the monthly ad space fee on a space available basis. In most cases OOH companies donate posting fees, but since this entails real labor costs, some do not. The public service recipient receives broad market exposure for 30 days or more.

OAAA provides support and sponsorship for numerous national organizations and facilitates campaign contributions from OOH advertising companies.

Standards and practices

The OOH advertising industry is committed to fair and responsible practices that support compelling customer value. The best practices and operating standards being pursued today are directly in line with customer needs and wants. From business process innovations to standards that promote safe operations, the out of home industry is constantly finding ways to improve business processes.